Carnivore Diet – TMI

Seriously, don’t read this if bodily functions disturb you.

My digestion has always been pretty satisfactory on a “clean diet” of protein, fruits, and veggies with the occasional chocolate and ice cream. However, I did experience bloating and gas after meals at times but I always thought that was just a normal part of life. How wrong I was.

With carnivore, my stomach stays flat ALL.DAY.LONG. No more do I have uncomfortable and unsightly bloating from vegetables. But there was one weird twist to this diet.

Apparently people poop less on the carnivore diet due to meat basically breaking down into liquid. There’s nothing to sit in the body and create gas after meals. So this means there’s also less waste which means less pooping. I’m so down for this perk.

Today marked the end of my distant relationship with the bathroom. That is two weeks and two days that I avoided poop. Fantastic! Concern was starting to rise, but I’m hoping this means my body is using what I eat completely and efficiently.

But the most shocking event of the entire diet happened on Saturday.

I’ve had the mirena IUD for four years with lovely success. My menstrual cycle had completely disappeared with only a few cramps and spotting here and there. I couldn’t even accurately track anymore because of its ever present absence.

But lo and behold on Saturday morning, she came knocking in a big way. It was a huge shock after not wearing tampons for over a year. Now while I’m not happy about it being back, it probably also means that my hormones are readjusting and my reproductive system is healing itself. I’ve read other women’s stories this way recounting the same experience on carnivore so this isn’t unique to me.

The body is amazing.

Meal Prep No More!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This was me before the carnivore diet. I spent hours cooking, weighing, cutting, and packing meals for every day of the week. Cooking is not my favorite task so I always dreaded Sundays which ruined the beginning of my week. I find my IG posts with #eattherainbow to be amusing now. If only I’d known sooner that there was an easier way.

I currently write this while watching the NFL playoffs. I’m enjoying my Sunday afternoon instead of spending the day cooking for the week. Relaxation is the name of the game instead of frantically running around making sure I had a “well-balanced” diet for the week. I didn’t even love eating these vegetables (although I did love the fruit).

My lunches now are just meat. Meat all the way day. But also probably some eggs, maybe cheese, and lovely salt. My meals are delicious, satiating, and devoid of a insulin spike where I require caffeine pills every afternoon to finish the workday.

My grocery shopping experience has also vastly improved. I get to skip produce and head straight for the delicious meat and cheese section. I’m out in five minutes unless I spend time debating meat sales. There’s no time available to accidentally run into someone you know. Hallelujah!

Now, I realize this is only the end of the second week, but I feel like shouting from the rooftops that I’ve never felt better before. Down with carbs, up with protein and fat!

Floss: A Carnivore’s Best Friend

There are downsides to the carnivore diet.

Most likely due to my prior diet, I have had braces, head gear, and a root canal. Damn my voracious sweet tooth! Some of my teeth have narrow spaces in between and those spaces love to latch on to any succulent little item that comes its way. This issue is quite troublesome when eating steak at every meal and especially at work where you can’t easily clean your teeth.

Pesky meat slivers are not something I considered a stumbling block when I started this diet. Now, of course, it’s not enough of an issue to cause me to quit, but it is something that I want to remedy. Introducing floss and/or toothpicks. I do find it amusing that this is my biggest issue so far with the carnivore diet.

In the prior post, some of my hopes were listed for what the carnivore diet might do for me. I missed one that fits into this theme of teeth. TMJ haunts my jaws. As a “type A” personality, stress led me to grind my teeth at night which resulted in jaws that don’t work quite right. I’ve got some wonky jaws and there’s no getting around it. My hope is that chewing and tearing meat will strengthen my jaw muscles and somehow realign them. But maybe I’m putting too many hopes and dreams on the carnivore diet.

Day 1 of Week 2

So much meat.

Posed here with one of my favorite purchases. I could not pass up this ridiculous 10lb package of ground beef.

Today marks the start of the carnivore diet Week 2. I’m feeling pretty great so far with my need for carbs waning and my desire for animal products increasing. I’m also noticing that my stomach is flatter and there’s no bloating after eating. Hallelujah!

Now I knew this would happen, but I’ve definitely lost strength on this diet thus far. My chosen form of exercise is lifting weights and it’s been a struggle bus for sure this week. However, I’ve read that this is normal during the transition period to carnivore and that strength will come back quickly eventually.

Along with increased strength, I’m looking for these to occur on the carnivore diet:

  • no more dry skin
  • less body fat
  • eradication of PMS
  • deeper sleep
  • increase in body warmth

So far I’ve noticed better sleep, but a week is definitely not enough time to judge this woe (way of eating). It feels like so much longer than one week, but at least week two is starting off strong.

Pleased to Meat You

It’s meat all the way down.

Lots of firsts in 2019 including the carnivore diet. I learned of this diet mostly from Shawn Baker, MD. Now I won’t go through all the science now, but, as of day 7, I am enjoying it so far. I still have cravings for apples and grapes (my favorite prior snacks), but they are slowly decreasing in strength.

Above are some of the meals I’ve been enjoying this past week. I have been experiencing a decrease in strength, some lethargy, and a bit of gastrointestinal distress, but nothing near what I hear regarding the keto flu. It almost makes me think I’m doing something wrong, but my diet was pretty damn clean prior to this experiment. My transition isn’t from a SAD (Standard American Diet) so I’m hoping there are no surprises in store for me in the upcoming weeks.

The great thing is that I had blood work done prior to this diet (actually on Day 2, oops) to test how my body reacts to the carnivore diet. I received the results today that I will share in a future post.

For now, I want this blog to document my health journey (so cliche), share other life events that I think be more public (grief), and work on my writing skills.